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Multichannel Listings Management Software

Create product listings on multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc. Manage all listings from a central location, and make new, bulk and customized listings on various sales channels as easy as one click. Avoid missed sales and leverage every revenue opportunity possible.

  • Listing products on multiple channels expands customer reach, boosts sales volumes, and leverages different marketplaces for increased sales opportunities.
  • Multichannel listing streamlines inventory and pricing, avoiding overselling and inconsistent pricing, optimizing inventory levels and pricing for improved profitability.
  • Diversify sales channels: reduce platform dependence and mitigate risks associated with platform-specific changes.
  • Multichannel listing streamlines inventory and pricing, avoiding overselling and inconsistent pricing, optimizing inventory levels and pricing for improved profitability.
  • Enhance brand consistency: Multichannel listing maintains consistent product information for cohesive brand image and shopping experience across channels, enhancing brand consistency and customer satisfaction.
  • Access analytics and reporting for sales performance, customer behavior, and key metrics across channels, enabling data-driven decisions and strategy optimization.

Quantity Management System

Keep track of your inventory with real-time data as you make a sale or push multi-location stock on the marketplace. Automatically update and sync inventory across multiple warehouse locations and sale channels to maintain inventory accuracy, prevent overselling, and fulfill customer orders efficiently.

  • Centralized inventory management: A centralized system or software that allows for efficient management of inventory quantities across multiple sales channels or marketplaces.
  • Synchronize inventory quantities across multiple sales channels or marketplaces to prevent overselling or stockouts and ensure consistency in inventory availability.
  • Real-time inventory tracking: monitor and update stock levels in real-time to ensure accurate availability information is provided to customers.
  • Seamless integration with order fulfillment processes to ensure accurate stock updates as orders are fulfilled, avoiding discrepancies between available stock and actual stock.
  • Historical stock data and reporting: Access to historical stock data and reporting features that provide insights into inventory levels, sales trends, and stock turnover rates, aiding in data-driven decision-making.
  • Advanced inventory optimization tools that help determine optimal reorder points, safety stock levels, and replenishment strategies for efficient inventory management.

An intelligent pricing system

Automate pricing and dynamically adjust product prices based on various factors such as market demand, competitor pricing, inventory levels, or other predefined rules. Our system provides a platform to integrate all perspectives and information necessary to consistently and accurately make optimal pricing decisions. It ensures you boost your sales, maximize profitability, and respond quickly to market changes without all the administrative headaches.

  • Rule-based pricing: Setting up pricing rules based on predefined parameters or criteria, such as competitor prices, cost of goods sold (COGS), target profit margins, shipping cost alterations, or inventory levels
  • Customizable pricing rules provide flexibility to define and customize pricing rules based on specific business requirements and strategies.
  • Real-time pricing updates: Automated pricing updates that happen in real-time or at defined intervals allow for quick adjustments to changing market conditions. This system also detects changes in marketplaces like commission fees and live exchange rates.
  • Automatic pricing optimizes prices, increases sales, attracts customers, and boosts revenue through real-time adjustments based on market demand, customer behavior, and competitor pricing.
  • seamless integration with other e-commerce tools, such as inventory management, order management, and sales analytics, for streamlined operations and data-driven decision-making.
  • Keep track of pricing history and have access to reporting and analytics to assess the impact of pricing changes on sales and profitability.