Whether you are new to e-commerce or you are an enterprise company, you need a solid plan for managing backend activities to succeed.

We simplify, automate and bring in all your e-commerce backend management tasks together in one platform.

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Smart Procurement Management

Streamline and accelerate your fulfillment process and have access to centralized supplier management. Our intelligent stock forecasting and purchase order automation system helps you to get notified when to reorder and how much to order to avoid overstocking or running out of products.

Inventory Management System

Create, organize, and manage a collection of all your products. Maintain a centralized repository of product information. Product creation, categorization and pricing with just a few clicks. Monitor stock levels for each item in real-time and update product information to ensure accuracy and consistency across various sales channels.

Convenient Order Management System

Our automatic order management system centralizes your order management from all different sales channels into one platform. It manages your order finances by benefit and cost calculations and enables you to monitor all orders and their status and modify the details like editing or canceling orders with just a click. A smart system that will result in improved customer experience as well.