Accelerate fulfillment, save time, and grow your warehouse as a result. Receiving, stock take, and return management in a few seconds. Looking for a specific product? Instantly find the product location using a personal digital assistance device. Monitor the availability of all your products in multiple locations. View the history and status of all transfers. Manage your stock, view your operations, and more with Syncer.

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Receiving and Put Away

Streamline and automate the receiving and put-away processes, improving efficiency and accuracy.

  • Automate the recording of incoming goods by scanning barcodes. Reduce manual errors and speed up the process. Validate received quantities against purchase orders, and update inventory records in real time. 
  • Facilitate printing labels or tags for easy identification and routing of goods to their designated storage locations within the warehouse. Direct warehouse personnel through optimized put-away routes, reducing travel time and maximizing space utilization.
  • Optimize the put-away process by providing real-time visibility of available storage locations and suggesting the most optimal ones based on product characteristics, demand patterns, and warehouse layout.

Allocation and Stock Take

Achieve higher inventory accuracy, improved order fulfillment, reduced stockouts or overstocks, and enhanced visibility into inventory movements, leading to better inventory management and overall warehouse performance.

  • Optimize the allocation process using algorithms and predefined rules to determine the optimal location to fulfill customer orders based on inventory availability, location, demand priority, and shipping requirements. This helps reduce order cycle times, improve order accuracy, and maximize warehouse capacity utilization.
  • Automate the allocation process by generating pick lists or work orders for warehouse personnel and tracking the progress of allocations in real time. Reduce manual errors, minimize stock discrepancies, and improve inventory accuracy.
  • Streamline the stock take process by providing real-time visibility of inventory levels and locations and enabling more frequent and accurate inventory checks with minimal disruption to warehouse operations.

Pick, Pack & Shipping

An intelligent shipping management system connects you with major shipping carriers to support your growing sales and orders by diversifying, expanding, and building your shipping management network. It provides an all-in-one shipping and fulfillment solution and helps you accelerate and optimize your shipping process by automating package assignments and dynamic shipping cost calculation. You get to track all your shipments with a click, have access to an overview of your shipping costs, and get notified if you are paying more than average prices.

  • Optimize the picking process by generating optimized pick lists or work orders based on product location and demand priority. Reduce picking errors, minimize travel time, and increase picking efficiency, resulting in faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Receive guidance on packaging and labelling requirements for each order, including selecting suitable packaging, printing labels with accurate shipping information, and capturing weight and dimensions for shipping carriers. Ensure that orders are correctly packaged and labelled for shipping to improve shipment accuracy.
  • Integrate with shipping carriers’ systems to automate the generation of shipping labels, tracking numbers, and shipping documentation. Streamline the shipping process, reduce manual data entry errors, and improve order tracking and visibility.