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Multichannel Listings Management Software

Create product listings on multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc. Manage all listings from a central location, and make new, bulk and customized listings on various sales channels as easy as one click. Avoid missed sales and leverage every revenue opportunity possible.

Quantity Management System

Keep track of your inventory with real-time data as you make a sale or push multi-location stock on the marketplace. Automatically update and sync inventory across multiple warehouse locations and sale channels to maintain inventory accuracy, prevent overselling, and fulfill customer orders efficiently.

An intelligent pricing system

Automate pricing and dynamically adjust product prices based on various factors such as market demand, competitor pricing, inventory levels, or other predefined rules. Our system provides a platform to integrate all perspectives and information necessary to consistently and accurately make optimal pricing decisions. It ensures you boost your sales, maximize profitability, and respond quickly to market changes without all the administrative headaches.